Airbags on Lampposts, Fines for ‘Smartphone Zombies’

An Austrian city has started covering in airbags to stop ‘smartphone zombies’ from bumping into lampposts while using their phones and walking down the street.


There are safety measure in place in China for the same issue.  Special sections of certain pavements that are reserved for people using phones and walking at the same time.



In the German city of Augsburg traffic lights have been installed on the ground where they can be more easily seen by people staring at smartphones.




In Honolulu anyone crossing the road and looking at their phone will be fined, and Halifax is currently looking at doing the same thing. A proposed bill in Toronto could see pedestrians fined up to $50 if they use their phone in a crosswalk. A local crosswalk advocate wants to see a similar bill here in Halifax.


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