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If Something Doesn’t Come Up on Sale, it Could be Free?!

Have you ever bought that was supposed to be on sale that ended up coming up at full price?     Depending on the store and the cost of the item, you could get it for FREE…. under the Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code.

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Cell Phone Ban at Herring Cove Junior High School

Herring Cove Junior High School is having a cellphone detox this week.  It started with just the Grade 8 class, but now the whole school is on it. Of the 220 students a dozen students had their phones confiscated for breaking

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President of Iceland Wants to Ban Pineapple on Pizza

Gudni Th. Johannesson, the President of Iceland hates Hawaiian pizza so much that he’d ban pineapple on pizza if he was able to pass any law he’d like.     He says he’s “firmly opposed” to fruit on his pizza.

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The Snow Penis Saga

Some teenagers  in Yarmouth thought they’d get creative and make a giant penis out of snow. It took about five hours for them to build it. Most people thought it was hilarious, and they documented the whole thing here. The neighbors didn’t

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Pigeon is Caught Smuggling a Phone into a Brazilian Prison

Guards at a Brazilian prison caught a pigeon trying to deliver the phone to prisoners.   They spotted an inmate trying to catch the pigeon and checked it out. They discovered the pigeon had a small pouch attached to its body

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‘Monopoly’ is Killing the Thimble

The thimble has been part of Monopoly since 1935, but after a recent contest, voters have decided to kill it off.   The contest is part of Hasbro’s ongoing effort to update the game. It will be narrowed down to 8

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People are Paying to Freeze Their Genitals….To Boost Their Sex Drive

A spa in the UK  is offering a new treatment to lift endorphin levels and your sex drive – and also improve the appearance of your….intimate areas – by freezing them! The treatment from Cryotherapy UK, is called ‘Love Mist’, is

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Burger King Had Adult Meal…With a Special Toy

Burger King had an adults only meal with a special toy for Valentine’s Day this year. It was at locations in Israel and only available after 6 p.m. yesterday and you had be at least 18 years old to purchase the Adults

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Metallica WorldWired Tour 2017

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Here is a look at cancellations for Tuesday, February 14th (so far): SCHOOLS CLOSED: -Halifax Regional School Board schools and central office -CSAP schools in HRM, South Shore, Truro and Greenwood -Sandy Lake Academy -Halifax Christian Academy’s Armdale Campus -Sacred

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Three Epic Heavy Metal Disasters From the Grammys Last Night

1.) Megadeth won Best Metal Performance for Dystopia, which was great. But when they went up to accept their award the house band played “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. So bad. For obvious reasons. (Photot:     2.) When

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Closures and Cancellations

CANCELLATIONS: -Halifax Regional School Board has closed all schools -CSAP schools in HRM, Greenwood, Truro and Bridgewater are closed -Halifax Christian Academy’s Armdale Campus is closed -Halifax Grammar School will be closed -Sacred Heart Halifax is closed -Sandy Lake Academy

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Chocolate Powder is the New Party Drug?

The newest craze popping up in night clubs and raves around the world is…..chocolate.

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Factory That Made Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batteries Catches Fire

You  can’t make this stuff up.

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Keurig is Making a Single-serve Machine That Brews Alcohol

There a new kind of Keurig machine coming…and it makes something even better than coffee!  

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