A Bruce Springsteen Fan Got Scammed Out Of $1,600, Because They Thought Bruce Was Texting Them Directly

You know the old scam where a “Nigerian prince” gets in touch and says he’s desperately in need of a short-term loan?


Somehow, this might be even dumber.


Some rube in Morton Grove, Illinois near Chicago got a text last month that appeared to be from Bruce Springsteen!


Yes, The Boss was texting them directly.


He said he needed cash and they actually believed it.


The text said he needed the money to help cover a, quote, “investment in gold he made in Dubai.”


They believed that part too.


They ended up sending the scammer $1,100 to cover the Dubai investment. Plus, a $500 iTunes gift card that was supposed to help senior citizens pay off their phone bills.


They eventually wised up and called the cops, but not until after they’d transferred all the money, and at that point, there wasn’t much anyone could do.

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