Don’t Panic Guys, But It’s Totally Possible to Lose a Testicle in Your Sleep

Here’s a story that’ll keep you up at night.


An an 11-year-old boy in China lost a testicle after it twisted 540-degrees, lost all blood flow and died. The technical term for what happened is testicular torsion and it can happen after an injury to the scrotum or following strenuous exercise or even while you sleep. The boy had been recently admitted to the hospital after walking with a painful limp for a while. Doctors said the pain from his twisted testicle was causing him a lot of pain. When they operated, they found the testicle was so squeezed, it had burst open at the base slightly.


Don’t worry though, it is pretty rare. It only affects about 1 in every 4,000 males, and it’s far more likely to hit males who are around puberty or significantly older. It happens when the tissue surrounding the ball is weak and not fully adjoined to the scrotum, allowing the testicle to twist. As it rotates, it yanks the spermatic cord, a connected mass of fibers that supplies blood to your testicle. If the spermatic cord wraps around itself too many times, blood flow to the testicle ceases and the testicle dies in as short as two hours.




testicle torsion

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