Girl Gets Revenge On Ex By Cutting Him Off Halfway Through Stranger Things Binge

You’re in a relationship, things take a turn and it becomes a bitter and sour end. Although you want to take the high road, you secretly hope for that opportunity to put one sweet exclamation mark on the end of it.
This is like the peak version of revenge in 2017. It’s technologically advanced, wouldn’t have made ANY sense a decade ago, and it’s super passive aggressive and non-confrontational.
A 19-year-old woman named Samantha Pellerin from Sacramento, California recently had a bad breakup with a boyfriend.
Earlier this week, she figured out he was still using HER Netflix account. She went on the app and saw someone was binge watching the new season of “Stranger Things”.
So she got the ultimate revenge . . . she waited until he was halfway through the season, and THEN she changed the password to boot him off.
Then she tweeted about what she did, and now it’s going viral.

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