Go Hard Fitness Challenge

Yesterday was the final day of the Go Hard Fitness Challenge! Both teams gave it everything they had. At the final workout yesterday J.D. and I damn near killed ourselves trying to burn every possible calorie we could.


It has come down to the wire! Tomorrow morning at 7:20 we will find out which team walks (or limps) away victorious, Team Scotty or Team Lindsay? Who are you putting your money on?


I want to thank Theresa, Courtney, Georgie and all the amazing staff at Go Hard for pushing us so hard and making this challenge way more fun then it should have been.  If you want to get more information or sign up visit them at http://www.gohard.ca/.


I also want to thank every member of Team Scotty for their hard work and dedication. “Little Bossman” J.D.,  “Ravishing” Jonathan Roode, Veronika “Gotta Love The” Drake and Denise “Bigly” Bingley you all worked your asses off! It was an honor to have you on my squad.


A shout out to everyone on Team Lindsay, “The Sub” Brad, Ron Cleroux, Dave Pancoe, and Samantha Babin. Team Lindsay started with Adam one of our sales guys, until he hurt his back and had to bow out of the challenge. It did give us this great song though:



Tune in tomorrow morning at 7:20 to find out who is the champion!




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