Guy Responsible For Annoying Password Rules Says He Regrets Making Them

When logging into your email or a social media account, a message you hate getting is that you need to change your password. You don’t hate it because you don’t want to be secure. You hate it because of the rules that go along with it. Uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number and symbol. Right?
Well the reason we have to do that is because of one man. His name is Bill Burr, and back in 2003 he worked for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and was put in charge of coming up with password rules. Years later, he is saying he is sorry for coming up with such nonsense.

There’s two reasons:  One, because those passwords are super annoying . . . and two, because more research has proven they’re not even that effective.
It turns out that passwords that are longer are much more secure.
Instead of Password123@, try QuitTryingToFigureOutMyPasswordYaBish….oh, I suppose you still need a number and symbol. QuitTryingToFigureOutMyPasswordYaBish1@

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