Here’s A Lesson On Why We Should All Treat Bouncers With Respect

If you’ve ever met me at a Live 105 event…or from scrolling on Tinder…then you’ll know that I’m a rather large man. Based on that, you might be surprised to know that I’ve had very little bouncing experience in my life. I did, however, work for a very short time at the campus bar at St.Francis Xavier University, and during that time I realized that it was a profession that I was not cut out for. The amount of abuse I took, simply for trying to do my job (which by the way, I was pretty bad at) was shocking. That’s why in my subsequent bar-going “career” I’ve always tried to be extra courteous to the guys who put up with all your crap to keep you safe, while you’re (possibly) causing trouble. Now, I’m no saint, but this video might give you a better idea of how people behave when they’re intoxicated. Watch this video that was made on New Years Eve (one of the craziest nights of the year) and then hug a bouncer you know.




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