The “Laundry Pod Challenge” is the New Foolish Social Media Trend

The latest social media “challenge” is sending teens to the hospital.


Teens are biting into, and even swallowing laundry detergent pods, and posting videos to prove it.


Medical experts say there are serious consequences to ingesting these products. The packets can cause vomiting, throat burns and eye injuries, some of the detergent could even find its way into the lungs and cause breathing difficulties. It’s not just the detergent that can cause problems. When the membrane around the pod dissolves  can cause central nervous system depression, which can cause people to become sleepy or fatigued.


Photos of the pods on pizza, and other ridiculous photos and memes have been posted online…


Image result for laundry pod pizza

Image result for tide pod meme

Related image

Image result for tide pod meme



Come on folks, let’s be smart. Don’t do it!









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