LCBO Bans Beer After Just One Day on the Shelf

The LCBO has pulled a beer from stores because the label is a “concern for public safety”.


Stalwart Brewing’s “Dr. Feelgood IPA” was for sale on Wednesday at Ottawa-area LCBO stores. It was only out for day before it was removed from all stores because of a concern about the artwork on the label.


Stalwart Brewing  posted on social media the response they were given for why the product was yanked: “Rooted in a concern for public safety, the LCBO has interpreted our beer to be labeled as medicine, which is prohibited by provincial legislation. The reference to the Rod of Aesculapius from Greek mythology and the intersection of the letters R and X (a shorthand for “to take” in Latin) are their points of concern”.



“Rx” is associated with prescription medicine.


The crazy part is, the LCBO approved the beer and its artwork three times during a nine month approval process!



Stalwart Brewing are quickly trying to replace labels on 5,000 cans.





(Photo: Stalwart Brewing )

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