Lindsay’s Chris Cornell Tribute

I was laying in bed last night trying to process the loss of Chris Cornell. I couldn’t really get my head around it. I thought I’d write something to sort out how I was feeling, and had no intentions of sharing it. But after seeing so many people say such lovely things about a person who clearly impacted their lives in such a positive way, I thought I’d throw mine out there too.


Chris Cornell Tribute:
Sometimes when things like this happen, it’s a surreal experience because it feels as if it comes out of your of the comfort of your own soul, and into the spotlight. On the mainstream news. Out in the open. Exposed. 
This sacred bond you had together and the way you truly believed you were the only person he was talking to, connected with. Tragedy strikes and  it suddenly gets thrust into the open.
The shocking amount of people who relate to your your grief makes you realize, in bashful in a way, that you weren’t the only one he was talking to. 
Part of the heartbreak of it all is when you see the people who were unaware of who he was.  They genuinely want to know what they’ve missed out on. The beauty is that it’s all there for them to discover, forever. He did that. 
The most powerful tool a person has is their voice. His will echo in every corner of the world for as long as people want to listen. 
It’s hard to say goodbye to someone you haven’t met. Someone who is an intimate part of your life, who helped shape part of your identity, and touched your heart. 
It’s more than a loss of a beautiful man, it’s the ending to a story, a movement, an era. It’s appreciation for the gifts of music, culture, love, and connection. 
But who was talking to him? He bared his soul for decades. Releasing shreds of his innermost self. Lyrics we all related to, and cherished. Whose words did he look to for comfort? 
How could someone so beloved feel so pained, so alone? We want the answers, but sometimes that’s the hardest part of it all.

Some things in life are left to be Superunknown…




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