A New Game Show Will Reward Winners . . . By Paying Off Their Student Loans

Very few politicians seem interested in finding solutions for the student debt crisis.


So TruTV is stepping up with a new game show that will try to solve the problem one student at a time . . . with a game show.


It’s called “Paid Off”.


It’s a question-and-answer-type show where the contestants are young adults in their late-20s and early-30s, who are saddled with significant student loans.


And instead of prizes, the show will reward winners by paying off their loans!


Host Michael Torpey says, quote, “[It’s] an absurd show to match an absurd crisis. A game show feels really apt because this is the state of things right now. I know what we’re doing is a little ridiculous, but in a way the show matched my family’s story. The only way we could pay off student loans was because I booked an underwear ad? That’s insane.”



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